Story of the Week


Hello I’m Debbie,

I am a proud mother of 3. My little darlings are great but as most of you know, even great puppies tend to leave messes and spills now and again. That’s why we use RK Preserve for our carpet and upholstery cleaning. Their technicians have the expertise to clean whatever my little angles leave behind. Give them a call for a free consultation at 503-422-2567 and check out all their great reviews on google or at


My name is Susan, but most people call me Grandma. I am an avid gardener and a go to babysitter for my ten grand puppies. I want to be sure that my house is healthy and allergen free, that’s why I use RK Preserve. Their eco friendly and non toxic cleaning removes dirt, pollen and other allergens that accumulate over time in my carpet, rugs and upholstery. Give them a call at 503-422-2567 and tell them Susan sent you for 10% off.

Business person

Here is a message from one of our customers that we did the leave a key service for.

“Holy smokes! The carpet looks fantastic! Great job.”

If your busy schedule does not allow you to be home no problem. Call or text us at 503-422-2567


My name is Patricia,
I have a big family and I love to entertain for the holidays. When we want our house to look its best we call RK Preserve, and when spills and accidents happen we go to to find ways to clean them up without damaging the carpet. For more information Call or text them at 503-422-2567