Mattress cleaning

We spend a third of our lives sleeping on mattresses and keeping them clean can go a long way in promoting good health. Mattresses and pillows are the ideal environment for house dust mites. Whether you suffer from asthma and allergies or not, sanitizing the bedroom and having your mattress cleaned will dramatically reduce the amount of harmful bacteria and mites which will improve your quality of sleep. Dust mites are the number one cause of allergic reactions in the home. If you find yourself waking up with a stuffy nose and sneezing every morning, it might be time for mattress cleaning.


 The best way to clean mattresses is to have them professionally cleaned with a low moisture cleaning process which is the same process we use on upholstery.  Our cleaning process will remove any hard to clean spills like coffee, urine, pet stains, body oil, or blood and do it with a green certified cleaning solution that is safe for you and your pets.

Once the cleaning of your mattress is done it will only take 1-2 hours to dry with our general cleaning (additional dry time may be required for urine spots). So you can rest that night after we are done cleaning and enjoy the benefits of having a clean mattress with a whopping 98% of all allergens removed and the cleaning will additionally improve the air quality by removing all the dust from your mattress.

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