Steam Cleaning Vs Low Moisture Cleaning

Real Professionals

Never trust Bias reviews that say one process doesn’t work and the one they use is the best thing since sliced bread.I see this mostly from the cleaning companies that only use a low moister cleaning process and trash talk hot water extraction (steam cleaning) whenever they can. 

Real Industry Professionals use the method that is right for each individual situation. RK Preserve Carpet Cleaning uses Low Moisture and Hot Water Extraction when each respective process in needed, because there is not one super process above all others.


When to use Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning is great for commercial carpets for businesses and offices.

Carpets that do not respond well to water like Berber carpets made of olefin are best finished with a low moisture process. 

Carpets that are lightly soiled from dirt or asphalt are also great candidates for Low Moisture Cleaning.

When not to use Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

With residential carpet cleaning Low Moisture is not the process recommended by the carpet manufacturer.

Heavily soiled carpets or carpets with pet problems are not good candidates for Low Moisture cleaning.

Removing ink or similar stains

Commercial cleaning that is only done yearly is not a good candidate for Low Moisture and most carpet professionals recommend using Hot Water Extraction annually in conjunction with regular Low Moisture cleanings to remove anything that is left behind.

Check your carpet warranty, some low moisture processes may void your carpets warranty.

Simple Example

When cleaning your hair, dry shampoo is a great product. With advancements in technology dry cleaning leaves your hair looking clean and healthy.

“At the end of the day” everyone I know lathers their hair with shampoo then rinses out all of the oils, dry skin and build up of hair products.

When to use Hot Water Extraction

Hot water Extraction is best utilized for most residential applications including upholstery and rugs as well as carpets. It is the process that is recommended by the carpet manufacturers.

Hot water Extraction is recommended to be used annually on commercial carpets when a Low Moisture process is utilized to remove any left behind residue.

When dealing with pet problems Hot Water Extraction is the best process to be used especially in conjunction with an enzyme treatment.

Removing pet problems completely takes time but soaking the area with an enzyme for 40 min then thoroughly rinsing and extracting can bring the problem area back to pre-accident condition.

When Not to Use Hot Water Extraction

Hot water Extraction does not work well when using it on carpets, upholstery or rugs that do not react well to water.

It is not the process recommended for regular commercial cleaning.

In Conclusion

Low Moisture Cleaning (dry cleaning) and Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) are both great processes and both should be utilized by any professional carpet cleaner.


When trying to figure out which method to use for your needs, get a free quote and consultation from a carpet cleaning professional that uses both.