EPA Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guide

Outside Dusty
Extreme Cold
Weather Climates
High Humidity
Day Care Center2 weeks1 week2 weeks1 week
Nursing Homes1 month1 month1 month1 week
2 persons non-smoking6-12 months2 months4-6 months4-6 months
2 persons w/ smoking4 months2 months3 months4 months
Young Children6 months1 month3 months3 months
Young Children w/ pets3-6 months1 month2 months2 months
Office Building
Ground Floor3-6 months1-4 months2-6 months2-6 months
Higher Floors6-12 months2-6 months3-9 months3-9 months
Other Commercial3-6 months1 month2 months2 months

Every Situation is different but this is a good reference point for deciding what frequency to have your carpet cleaned. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency sets these standard based on what is required to keep good air quality in a building depending on the factors listed. For other Information on carpet care or air quality check out these links.


Carpet and rug Institute   https://carpet-rug.org/